Sunday, January 30

Tenang updates 1

Rain causes some roads to flood

09.10am: Heavy rain causes some roads in Pekan Air Panas to flood. Fire and Rescue Department officials are standing by with rescue boats fastened to their vehicles.

09.00am: Barisan candidate Mohd Azahar Ibrahim arrives at Kg Paya Merah polling centre to cast his vote. PAS supporters shout 'Tolak Tok Ai'as Barisan candidate walks in.

08.55am: PAS candidate Normala Sudirman arrives at Sek Keb Tenang to visit voters who are streaming into the polling center despite the rain.

8.40am: Despite the downpour, Barisan and PAS supporters are holding up posters of their respective candidates outside polling stations.

08.25am: Groups of police officers stationed outside polling areas are helping to direct traffic slowly building up in the heavy rain.

8.20am: Several voters enter Sek Kebangsaan Tenang where PAS candidate Normala Sudirman is expected to make her first visit. Normala will not be casting a vote as she is not registered in the constituency.

08.10am: First stream of voters arrive at Sek Kg Paya Merah where Barisan Nasional candidate Mohd Azahar Ibrahim will cast his vote.

08.05am: Labis MP Chua Tee Yong, visiting Labis Timor voting centre in Kampung Paya Merah multi-purpose hall, says he hopes the rain will ease by afternoon.

"It is not easy to get the voters out in this weather. We hope voting goes smoothly," he says.

However, the rain does not deter voters, especially senior citizens and the wheelchair-bound, who are among the early birds at the Labis Timor polling centre.

08.00am: All polling stations open

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