Wednesday, September 17


Many Malaysians believe that Anwar Ibrahim has changed. Has he changed? Has he become a better person? What is the evidence? By evidence I do not mean his speeches. Evidence refers to his deeds, his actual actions.

Consider the following: -

1. Anwar is now trying to persuade BN MPs to cross over. Isn’t this what he did in 1994 in Sabah? He was the main culprit behind the toppling of the PBS state government. He is doing it again ---- except that now he is with the opposition. He is alleged to have used money the last time. Is he using money this time? He has denied it but who will admit that he is buying over MPs. Has Anwar changed?

2. In 1998, in the midst of the Asian financial crisis that also affected Malaysia, Anwar tried to oust Tun Dr. Mahathir. Remember the speech that one of his sidekicks, the then UMNO Youth chief Dato Zahid Hamidi, made at the UMNO Youth Assembly. Anwar accused Dr. M of practising corruption, cronyism and nepotism. Ten years later we are once again facing an economic crisis. Once again Anwar is exploiting the situation to further his political ambition of becoming the Prime Minister. Has Anwar changed?

3. I find that Anwar adopted the practice of saying different things to different audiences to get support from both sides. Sometimes he uses his men to do this for him. To his PAS and ABIM friends he and his men have been telling them that once he becomes PM he will implement their Islamic agenda. When it comes to his DAP colleagues, it is a different story. Anwar, they have been told by Anwar’s lieutenants, will put a stop to Islamization. This is what Anwar has also been telling the foreign media of late. Doesn’t it show that Anwar is still the chameleon that he has always been. Has Anwar changed?

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