Wednesday, August 6

PKR Gangsters???


Menjelang Pilihanraya Kecil Permatang Pauh : Hukum Rimba kini berkuasa

I was surprised to read Malaysiakini's post "Photographers mull boycott of PKR after attack" - this was in Malaysiakini.

An extract from Malaysiakini "The Malaysian Chinese Photojournalist Association (MCPA) is exploring the possibility of boycotting all future PKR events to protest the party's attitude towards press photographers.

In a statement today, MCPA said that the latest incident involving PKR security personnel manhandling a photographer showed that party leadership has failed to control their officers despite previous complaints being made.

The latest incident involving Guang Ming Daily Loh Hoay Hoon, 25, occurred on Sunday night. She was allegedly kicked, choked and hit on the head by a group of PKR security personnel."

If it was in mainstream media, I might have thought this to be a manipulation of facts again but in Malaysiakini?

If I were to rationalise this - maybe Anwar's security and bodyguards were too diligent in protecting him? Perhaps there had been many other untoward incidents?

But you know, I am concerned when I read such things. I hope that when Anwar gets into power, this would not be a norm. People get kicked, choked and hit on the head? Sounds like what Anwar claimed happened when he was in custody over 10 years ago.

This is indeed disturbing. Very disturbing...

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