Tuesday, December 30

Politik Hudud ; Giliran Pas KENA MAIN Anwar

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) — The political party of Malaysia's former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim denied Sunday it would push to impose strict Islamic laws, such as punishing theft by amputation, if they come to power.

Speculation has been rife about what Anwar's party would do after a member of his opposition coalition said last week that Hudud -- an area of Islamic criminal law covering punishments for certain deeds -- would be instituted for Muslims in multi-ethnic Malaysia.

The speculation deepened because Anwar has yet to respond to those comments, but a member of his Keadilan party said it had no plans for Hudud in the country.

"Our position is clear," said Tian Chua, Keadilan's information chief.

"Islamic criminal laws for Muslims is not part our struggle. It is also not part of the coalition's plan to introduce it when we come to power," he said.

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