Thursday, September 10

Kes Khalid Lembu 6

pakbelalang said...

Bahasa Melayu banyak perumpamaan yang menggunakan lembu:

1.Masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang lembu menguak.
2. Lembu dipegang pada talinya, manusia pula pada janjinya.
3.Lembu kenyang
4. Seperti lembu dicucuk hidung
5. Otak macam Lembu,
6. Badan macam Lembu,
7.Tak ubah perangai macam Lembu,
8. Jadi macam lembu,
9. Tak ubah macam Lembu,
10. Terbang macam Lembu,
11. Menyanyi macam Lembu,
12. Gagap macam Lembu ada di Shah Alam,
13. Akhirnya bodoh macam Lembu,

labu said...

Frankly, I dont see any big problem of using cow's head in the protest.Instead, it's creative, powerful , right smack to the face of the MB and the hindus who never had enough of their numerous temple scattered around the country.

The prblem here is the authority. Why double standard?
If the muslim deserved to be charged, why not the hindu who question the azan?
why not the YB who accuses muslim as terrorist?
the student who disrespect the national anthem?
The other YB who said malays are pendatang?
The so many YBs in Perak who openly at war with the royals?-


It's funny though, when the Malays demonstrated on behalf of the PR they are heroes, but when they demonstrated but not for PR, they are cowards.

sumber ;

terima kasih pak KJ yang turut terpanggil meneliti refleksi persepsi yang pemimpin kita buat sendiri.

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